Thursday, 9 August 2007

Arriving in Lausanne

A few days ago we arrived in Lausanne with three giant bags containing the bulk of our belongings (the remainder following us by mail from Florence). I had some concern I might be rejected at the border, due to the ambiguous status of my work permit, but we got through with minimal fuss. Nevertheless, we are keeping a relatively low profile (no point antagonising the situation).

We had managed to arrange a furnished apartment for sublet from a student at the university here who has gone away on holidays. The apartment is in Ecublens, a town on the outskirts of Lausanne, and we have glimpses of the mountains and the city, although we've had a fair bit of rain since we arrived so it has been quite hazy, limiting our views.

Here we will remain for two months, during which we are going to search for a 'real' apartment somewhere around Lausanne that has the right mix of transport, nightlife, and views to last us out our stay.

Actually the rain has been quite nice, since it has given us a chance to just settle inside, cook dinners, and watch DVDs. Hopefully it won't last, however, as there is a lot to see and I'm sure there will be more than enough opportunity to indulge in such 'homey' pleasures once winter comes around.


Mnementh said...

Oooh...sounds exciting. Please post more piccies and info about it all.

Mark said...

Oh there will be more! At the moment we are still in arrival mode and probably will be for a while until we get settled and start to explore like real tourists.

Still, you can't hold addicted photographers like us down for long!

Mnementh said...

And have you eaten fondue yet? Or is that just some Swiss stereotype? (Altho, i guess it is summer and not really fondue season.)

Benjamin said...

Hi Mark,

Glad to see your plans are on track and your visa is sorted out.

Looking forward to hearing more news of Lausanne and seeing lots of pics!

Good luck with starting work on Monday.

cate, ben, barnaby & edward