Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Over the last few weeks I've been making trips to and from Lausanne, which is a beautiful city in Switzerland on Lake Geneva. While there, on top of doing a little exploring, I've been interviewing with a Swiss Mobile company and I am very happy to say they have offered me a job, which I have accepted.

Of course it will be difficult to leave Italy; we have only fallen more in love with the country since we arrived. But moving to Switzerland will be the start of a whole new adventure and adventure is precisely the reason we came to Europe after all!

Officially I start on the 1st of August which lends a little urgency to our things-to-do list, and which now includes 'learn French'.


Nathan @ e-gineer said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you guys will have an amazing time in Switzerland as well. Personally, I just hope the photos from there are as beautiful as your shots from Italy.

Mnementh said...

That's fab news! Not that you're leaving Italy, of course, but Switzerland is just awesome! Congrats!

Mikey and I had our own little soujourn into Italy yesterday - we went to Haberfield;) It's just down the road from us really and they do simply wonder pasta! And cheese. And bread...ok, so I won't be visiting too often in case I end up like the side of a house, but it was way yum!

Hmm...not as good as the real thing tho! Good luck with the move.

Mark said...

Hi George,

In relation to Italian bread, we've made the assumption it takes more calories digesting the damn stuff than is actually contained within, so in reality it's a net loss!