Sunday, 6 May 2007

Museo del Bargello

We arrived in Florence on the 5th of April so we've now been here one month. A lot has happened in that one month, many trials but also tribulations and (most importantly) adventures.

This weekend we decided we would stay in Florence to catch up on work and study before we start back at our Italian classes on Monday. Fortunately it has been raining recently so we didn't feel quite so guilty about staying inside working.

We still managed to get out a little, stopping by the Museo Nazionale del Bargello where many famous sculptures are on display by Michaelangelo and others, including an especially camp David by Donatello with a nice hat on.

I was determined not to bring my camera, but the availability of my phone presented too much temptation and I was forced to take these dodgy photos, in spite of it actually being prohibited within the museum.

We also crossed the milestone of ordering a home-delivery pizza, and on Saturday we went to a very nice Trattoria for dinner.

While I am no longer in imminent danger of getting thrown out of the country, on our to-do list we still have:
  • find somewhere to live
  • learn italian
  • get a job
At least we are well fed!

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Stelle in Italia said...

i love the bargello! good luck with your italian adventures! sounds like fun (and sounds like you are eating well!)!